How to manage DNS records under [ .kw ] domain

 To manage  DNS records under the [ .kw ] domain, follow the below steps:

1.  log in to  your KUWAITNET account on the below link:

2.  In the top right corner, click on login then It will open the client area portal, enter your authorized email id and the password.

 for your reference Please check the below screenshots:

3.  Once you log in, click on Domains drop-down list then Manage DNS.

4.  Select the domain name that you want to add the DNS record to it, then press on Edit to start managing the DNS.

5.   If Edit option doesn't appear; then click on Add New Zone.

6.  Enter the domain name, and keep the default IP, then click on Add Zone.

7.  After that, you can add the DNS records.

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