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Looking to transfer your domain to another registrar? Below are the steps you will need to take to transfer domains to some of the popular domain name registrars. 

The exact transfer process is different for each domain name registrar or web host. We have outlined the overall steps you will need to take when transferring a domain to your registrar. However, you should consult the "winning registrar" on their exact process if you are unsure how to transfer a domain to them.
  1. Unlock Domain.

    Log into your NameBright account and search for the domain you wish to transfer. In the "Locking" section, ensure that the domain is unlocked and obtain the "Authorization Code". Your new registrar will require this code to complete the transfer.
  2. Make sure the email address for the administrative contact is one you can access. You will need access to this email address to complete transfer of the domain!
  3. Go to your domain name registrar / webhost and request transfer of the domain. To do so typically means you have to pay a 1 year renewal on the registration for the domain. Some registrars will ask for the authorization code at this point, while other registrars will wait until later in the process for the authorization code.
  4. This is the point that domain transfer steps may vary, depending on what registrar you are transferring the domain to. 

    Most likely, you will receive an email from the new registrar to confirm the administrative contact agrees to transferring the domain name. (This email will be sent to your Administrative Contact Email (see step 2)) When you get this email, follow the steps outlined in that email. This will typically ask you to do one of the following...Once you have completed the steps above, wait a few hours and go back to NameBright. Log in. In the "Outbound Transfers" section under the "My Account" tab, select your domain and choose the "Accept Transfers" option. 
    Within a few
    • Click on a link in the email, and confirm transfer on that page
    • Click on a link in the email, log into your account with them and confirm transfer that way
    • Ask you reply to the email with specific instructions on how to do this.
  5. minutes the domain will move to your registrar. 

    If you omit this final step, the domain will automatically transfer to the gaining registrar in 5 days, unless our sytem is told to "reject transfer" before the 5 days are up.
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